• ITS3-3012

    Large Format Smart Nesting System for Leather

    ITS3 Intelligent nesting system, has a variety of the latest nesting technology with materials-saving and powerful nesting software. Promote average nesting utilization rate to get up over 85% in 3mins, more than 1.5% higher utilization than any other nesting system.

    Projection preview positioning system.

    A variety of algorithms, zero pitch nesting, leather area utilization rate of up to 85% or more.

    Manual intervention nesting to improve the material utilization rate again.

    Leather nesting system with active feedback data function.

    Large work surface: 3000*1200mm.

    Foot pedal feeding device.

    AI SCCD VisionScan system, stitching photo, support large format leather nesting. Automatic reading of leather contours and defects.

Working area Gross power Laser power Power supply Dimension Overall weight System compatible
3000*1200mm 8500W - 380V/22A, 50Hz or 60Hz 3460×1680×2150mm 1380KG Windows 7/8/10, AL, PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG


Product Name : NESTING